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Welcome to Gather, Connect, Empower! I’m Kate and I am thrilled you have found GCE.

Why me? What can I possibly add to the already crowded wellness landscape? I have endured and ultimately thrived after so much trauma and grief. The suicide of my father, my mother’s alcoholism, an abusive first marriage, my own alcoholism, fighting to protect my own children from abuse, bouts with anxiety and depression, chronic migraines…it’s a long list. I hope I can connect with and build a community of people who have gone through tough times. I know I continue to learn and grow every day on my lifelong quest to be the best version of myself. And as I have been searching for my own why, I keep coming up with this deep need to try and help others. To hope that some of what I have learned on my own journey could help others.

Who am I? I am a survivor of domestic abuse and an empowered woman living in recovery. Moving past surviving to thriving is a daily challenge, and I’m taking you along for all the bumps and small victories along the way. It took me many years of pain and heartbreak to be able to speak my truth and stand in my personal power. To be able to see past the shame that was strangling me, to stop being a victim. On my journey I almost lost my three children, my now husband and my life.

On June 22, 2017 I entered recovery for alcoholism and walked into treatment ready to do any and everything to save my life. Since that day I have made recovery and transformation my life. I have immersed myself in reading everything I could get my hands on – and I have gravitated to a place that just feels right to me – the intersection of spirituality, recovery, behavioral psychology and trauma therapy. And along the way I started writing and sharing my story.

I’ve found that there are not enough people out there talking about domestic abuse – particularly the devastating impact of long-term emotional and mental abuse, its role in addiction and the huge impact on families. I spent so long seeking my purpose; discovering along this journey of recovery that I can help people. Not only by sharing my story, but by sharing how I healed and how I started to put myself back together, one broken piece at a time.

Why am I doing this? I spent so many years in secret pain and I just got worse and worse. And during that time, anything good that happened to me only served to highlight the divide between the mask I held firmly in place in public and the broken person I was on the inside. There’s a saying in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous, “You’re only as sick as your secrets.” My greatest sources of healing has been talking about my experiences. I can’t survive, let along thrive if I keep secrets, not ever again. I am hopeful that by talking, and being open and honest about how my experiences have healed me, that I can also help people still suffering in silence.

What can I offer? Here at GCE you will find my very personal journey and thoughts on life transformation. My passion is speaking out about the impact of abuse and alcoholism. As a certified life coach, writer and speaker I am striving every day to be transparent and honest; talking about my struggles, the hard-won wisdom I have gained and the techniques I use to not only be stay healthy and strong, but to thrive and keep living my best life.

Why the recipes? For years I was a personal chef and the owner of a prepared dinner business. Healthy family meals are a passion of mine. So, cooking for a living has evolved to cooking for my family and as my favorite hobby. We all need for positive ways to deal with stress and anxiety. Developing recipes, testing out new ideas is one of my favorite ways to unwind – and it has the added benefit of an end product you can eat! Maybe cooking isn’t a favorite activity of yours – perhaps my recipes will give you a few new meal ideas, and inspire you to develop your own healthy outlets.

How can I serve you? One of the most important lessons I have learned on the path towards healing has been that the more I focus on others the more I heal. Why? I think it’s because the simple act of facing outwards and seeing others takes me out of my head, and all the nagging, doubt and self-absorption that tends to take over. By serving you, I share my journey and transformation insights and perhaps help you on your own journey.

Coming soon Inspiring quotes shared daily, resources and support for women, ways to connect with our GCE tribe, recipes to help us gather with friends and family and much much more. I can’t wait to connect with you!

Questions / comments / thoughts? Let’s gather, connect and empower each other.

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