Hi, I’m Kate and welcome to Gather, Connect, Empower!

Who am I? I am a thriving survivor of domestic abuse and an empowered woman living in recovery. It took me YEARS of pain and heartbreak to be able to speak my truth and stand in my personal power. To be able to see past the shame that was strangling me, to stop being a victim. On my journey I almost lost my three children, my fiancé and my life. Last spring I entered recovery for alcoholism and walked in the door of Father Martin’s Ashley ready to do any and everything to save my life. Since June 22, 2017 I have made recovery and transformation my life. I have immersed myself in reading everything I could get my hands on – and I have gravitated to a place that just feels right to me – the intersection of spirituality, recovery, behavioral psychology and trauma therapy. And along the way I started writing and sharing my story. I’ve found that there are not enough people out there talking about domestic abuse – particularly the devastating impact of long-term emotional and mental abuse, its role in addiction and the huge impact on families. I have spent so long praying and seeking my purpose, and along this journey of recovery I have discovered that I can help people. Not only by sharing my story, but by sharing how I healed and how I started to put myself back together, one broken piece at a time.

Why am I doing this?

What can I offer? Here at GCE you will find my very personal journey and thoughts on life transformation. My passion is speaking out about the impact of domestic abuse and alcoholism As a certified life coach

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