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The Gift of a Week Away

So lucky to have spent the past week with Jeff in Charleston. He had some clients to see, we wanted to travel while it was warm enough to eat outside and most of all, we really wanted to get away.

In years past, when we would travel, it would feel like we were both our best selves and our best couple when we were away. Surprisingly, I don’t feel that way this trip. Not sure what changed. For me, the stress and worry over my children continues unabated. And I can’t speak for Jeff’s thoughts. Our growth as a couple seems a reasonable answer. We’ve been together 5 years and as we work on how we relate, resolve conflict, understand each other in more productive ways, it seems like our bumps are smoothing out.

Not seeing the drastic light switch between our home and “away” selves this trip has really encouraged me. Seemingly without me noticing, we’re evolving as individuals and as a couple. And if I had to zero in on one key change, it would be how we communicate. It used to feel like we were the classic man/women dynamic of an over-communicating female and the male who wasn’t in touch with his feelings. We certainly have those moments now, but it’s not our norm, and no longer are we constantly cycling through periods of frustration, anger and distance.

Instead of a respite this trip feels like a gift. Time to breathe in the heavy, humid air, linger over long meals, sleep until our bodies feel like waking, walk for hours, enjoy meandering conversations and relax into the Low Country pace of life.

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