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Veggie Egg Scramble

My new favorite breakfast! Jeff is the omelet maker in our house, but that’s only on the weekends, and I get bored with regular scrambled eggs with cheese. Enter a veggie egg scramble. I have made these several mornings this week…I love that I grab a few veggies and make a yummy breakfast!

Just like a stir-fry the cooking time goes quickly, so have everything ready to go. I start with a little bit of minced shallot, garlic or onion. I saute the shallot in a tablespoon of olive oil. Next I add Campari tomatoes that I have seeded, scooped out the insides and roughly chopped. I throw the tomatoes, along with a handful of baby spinach into the skillet. After letting the tomatoes and spinach cook for a few minutes, I add the whisked eggs (I use 2-3 eggs depending on how hungry I am and lighten up the scramble by swapping in an egg white), a sprinkle of cheese (sharp Cheddar is a constant fridge presence in our house) and finish with a twist of sea salt. Reduce the heat to low and scramble the eggs. Enjoy your delicious breakfast! Happy cooking!

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