Chicken Safety on the Grill

This is not going to be the most exciting post I ever write, but I think it’s one of the most important. Over the years, I have spent a lot of time in classes learning about food safety and making sure I was preparing food correctly for my clients. While there’s a lot of useless technical information mixed into those classes, there are some super important lessons that can really help the home cook. While grilling is fun and relaxed it can also dangerous. You are touching raw food several times and most people forget to change out their cooking utensils. This leads to cross-contamination, and it can make you sick, especially with chicken. Here is a simple rule to remember next time you grill. Whatever utensil you use to put your protein on the grill (I always use tongs), use it once again to flip the protein and then retire that utensil to the sink. Grab a new utensil and use that to finish cooking. That way you had one thing you used with raw food and then another you used for cooked food. This simple lesson can prevent you from getting you or your family sick.

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