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Grilled Green Beans

I love the taste of grilled food and I equally love washing as few dishes as possible. I have a grill basket, but I have to clean it and my children seem to always find the char marks and refuse to eat that piece of food. Enter aluminum foil, a great way to grill vegetables and you get to throw it away! Make sure you buy the long foil, short pieces won’t work here.

Grilled Green Beans

Grilled Green Beans
Author: Kate Wagner
Serves: 6-8
This recipe makes a lot of green beans! I make extra so we have leftovers for dinner the next night or I put the green beans in a salad.
  • 2 lbs green beans
  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • 1 tsp Kosher salt
  1. Prep the beans: Trim ends of green beans, toss in a bowl with olive oil and Kosher salt.
  2. Prep the grill: Turn burners to high, close lid and allow to preheat for 10 minutes. You probably already have the grill going with the rest of your dinner anyway. Take a large piece of aluminum foil, approximately the size of a baking sheet, and crimp the edges on all sides, making it function like a tray. Turn burners down to low. On my grill the foil would cover 2 grates, so those two I turn to low.
  3. Get grilling: Place foil on the grill and add green beans. Using tongs, move beans around, every 5 minutes or so. Total grilling time will be 15-20 minutes and they will still be crisp tender.
  4. Happy Cooking!


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